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Family justice system change is good news

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As from Monday 27th April 2009 representatives of the media holding UK Press Card Authorisation will be able to attend family court proceedings which were previously designated as ‘private’. 

 Recently the Family Justice System has been subject to adverse media comment and organisations such as Fathers for Justice have attempted to highlight their perceived concerns about how the system works in practice. 

 The difficulties in the past have been caused by the media hearing one side – usually the aggrieved party – of the story. Access to the justice system will enable a much fairer and balanced reporting.  However, simply because the media is allowed to attend a hearing it does not mean that they have a right to publish all of the evidence that is given at a hearing and the rules relating to contempt of Court and reporting restrictions, still apply.

 The Court may still exclude the media only whenever it is considered necessary, such as to protect the interest of the child or children connected with the case, for the safety of a party or witness or person connected with them, for the orderly conduct of proceedings or justice would be impeded or prejudiced by admitting them.

 In practice it is hoped that exclusions will be rare and that the opening up of the system will inform the general public and restore some confidence lost in recent years.


Written by Andrew Hodges

May 1, 2009 at 1:14 pm

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