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Fitness Test for New Law Firms

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We are proposing the introduction of a common and consistent licensing framework for those lawyers and firms – and those who would liked to invest in legal service provision- which should promote wider choice and variety and which has robust consumer protection at its heart.

David Edmonds

David Edmonds Chairman of the Legal Services Board (LSB)

is a quote from David Edmonds, chairman of the Legal Services Board. Now that raises a number of questions about how consistent these new rules can be. Now I am sure thats why the paper published on Wednesday is called a consultation paper but I think this is an area to watch very carefully.

The prospect of a test of fitness or adequacy is an obvious one and we would not have expected to see much less. What it does not seem to do is address the problems of multi regulation which may well be required. If a Barristers Chambers want to own a firm of solicitors who regulates it, the Bar Council? Or, and i can not contemplate this, both the Bar and the SRA?

Consultations great, but there needs to be guidance and this document leave a lot unanswered. It is difficult to see how you can deal with this document in isolation. Regulation of MDP’s is yet to be addressed, won’t that have a bearing on how we respond.


Written by Andrew Hodges

November 20, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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