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Family feud over ‘drugged’ father’s will

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A Norfolk family are embroiled in an emotional and controversial legal battle as two brothers accuse their sisters of drugging their father to obtain a better share of his will.

In 2006, Millionaire George Key was distraught and vulnerable after the death of his wife, to whom he had been married 65 years. To comfort him, his daughters apparently plied him with sleeping pills and alcohol in an attempt to favourably amend his 2001 will.

In the document, daughters Mary and Jane were to share a single £15,000 payout upon their father’s death. But after the controversial night in 2006, the will suddenly showed that they would receive £300,000 each, money initially promised to Mr Key’s hard-working sons.

Giving evidence, Richard Key labelled his sisters “disgusting” and told the court how his father had intended to leave his Norfolk farm to his sons as they had worked in the family business for more than 50 years.

“They definitely doubled his sleeping tables to knock him out,” he told the court. “It didn’t seem to matter to them to force my father to make a will, the last thing he would have wanted to do.”

The court’s ruling will depend on whether Mr Key’s sons can prove he was of an unstable mind when he changed his will. Local witness reports have confirmed he was struggling to recall his actions and the family’s cleaner said he confessed to signing a document for his daughters but “didn’t know what it was for”.

Mary and Jane’s representative claims there is “limited evidence” to support the sons’ claims and that the daughters’ payout is equivalent to both sons’.

Both parties have called for expert medical witnesses, with doctors so far offering different opinions over Mr Key’s capacity to make a valid will.

The case continues


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March 1, 2010 at 11:38 am

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