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Five-year director’s ban for serial health and safety offender

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The director of a Warwickshire manufacturing firm has been banned from holding a directorship within any company for five years after a string of health and safety breaches.

Alongside a £17,000 fine, Transtore Ltd (UK) Managing Director Brian Nixon will now be relieved of his position after repeated Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspections of his Stratford-upon-Avon site revealed potentially fatal infringements.

Fuel tank manufacturers at Transtore (UK) were exposed to lead and other harmful chemicals while paint was continuously sprayed at the site, forcing many to suffer headaches, tiredness and stomach pains.

Those working at height were also left with no safety equipment and staff repeatedly wrote to the HSE to spell out the dangers involved.

During HSE investigations, specialist inspectors took air samples as well as blood and urine samples from workers to assess their exposure to lead, which can lead to irreversible nervous system and kidney damage if not addressed.

All results from the workers showed higher levels of lead than the UK population average and Transtore (UK) was fined £70,000, with additional costs of £27,507, after being found guilty of eight separate breaches of health and safety law, forcing the company into administration.

The HSE served four prohibition notices on the company during its investigations to immediately stop unsafe work. It also issued four improvement notices, all of which were ignored by the director.

“Mr Nixon deliberately flouted health and safety laws and paid scant regard to the safety of his employees,” said HSE Inspector Peter Snelgrove.

“Legal proceedings highlighted that there was a complete flagrant lack of attention and as we heard in court, a gross dereliction of duty by the management of this company.

“Companies and their managing directors have a legal responsibility to protect their employees. No one should be expected to work in the conditions found at Transtore and it is quite right that an employee contacted HSE to complain.”

Written by Andrew Hodges

April 26, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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