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Illegal waste fine warning to UK businesses

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Companies who fail to properly dispose of their waste could find themselves in Environmental Agency crosshairs following a recent Derbyshire case.

This month, ADIS Scaffolding Ltd was found guilty of two charges relating to illegal waste deposits and fined almost £95,000 following intensive investigations by the local council and Environmental Agency.

Nottingham Crown Court heard how ADIS Scaffolding Ltd had registered a formal exemption with the Environment Agency which allowed the company to manufacture animal bedding from pallets and wood from their waste transfer station.

However, at the same site, ADIS Scaffolding Ltd Director, Malcolm Knights, operated a skip hire company, CP Skips, which had registered a formal exemption to crush and grade rubble from construction and demolition waste.

In 2006, Mr Knights bought some land between the M1 and his company’s site. An ADIS employee offered excess soil from this land to a friend. The soil was delivered by various ADIS employees but was soon stopped after complaints about the poor quality of the material.

An inspection revealed that later deliveries were contaminated with wood, rubble and plastic, resembling the screened waste generated by CP Skips, rather than the soil originally offered.

In summer 2007, Mr Knights instructed an employee to tip screened building waste, which included soiled wood chippings, at a company site which did not allow such materials.

Local residents witnessed deliveries and, in October 2007, Derbyshire County Council received numerous complaints.

The Environment Agency was informed and demanded ADIS stop tipping and remove its waste. But removal halted soon after due to poor weather conditions.

In January 2008, a routine Environment Agency inspection of ADIS Scaffolding Ltd uncovered materials similar to those previously criticised, and, in May and June 2008, officers then discovered that little had been done to remove the waste.

“ADIS Scaffolding Ltd used the land at Creswell and Hodthorpe illegally for the deposit of waste, saving them about £26,000 and drawing other people unknowingly into illegal waste activity,” said Environmental Agency Officer Dave Brown.

“The law exists to protect people and the environment from the consequences of such actions. As this court case demonstrates, we are not prepared to tolerate this sort of activity and we hope today’s result will deter others from such irresponsible behaviour.”

Written by Andrew Hodges

August 11, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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