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Landlords highlight ‘terror tenants’

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Cannabis farms, unwanted extensions and bribes, just some of the alarming problems faced by British landlords in the past 12 months, according to market surveys.

Amongst the top ten worse incidents discovered by UK inventory clerks The Video Inventory Agency (TVIA), was one Birmingham tenant who caused structural damage to a ceiling when installing a pole dancing studio in her front room and another who built a two storey extension without the landlord’s knowledge or planning permission.

The survey uncovered a string of illegal activities being performed by tenants, from bribing inventory clerks not to report damages to doctors growing cannabis plants in cupboards for ‘medicinal purposes’.

Landlord and property investor Frazer Fearnhead, who founded TVIA, said that whilst these cases aren’t common, there is no doubt that the problems caused by a few rogue tenants can have major financial ramifications for landlords.

“When landlords hand over the keys to a property, they are completely reliant on inventories to protect their assets . . . . . . . It’s important, therefore, to ensure inventories are watertight so there is no room to refute a claim for damages, neglect or blatant vandalism,” he said.

While extreme, the cases listed are merely a snippet of all landlord and tenants disputes which take place around the UK everyday.

Those who feel their tenants are breaching initial rental contracts, or tenants who feel their landlords are being overly draconian, should seek advice as soon as possible and challenge the problem head-on.


Written by Andrew Hodges

September 17, 2010 at 2:32 pm

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