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It is now possible to obtain a divorce online by purchasing a cheap, fixed price internet package. However, whilst seeming to save time, money and hassle, couples may well find that cutting corners in this way may lead to expensive mistakes and false economy.

Family interest groups are also concerned that internet divorce companies make it much easier for couples to simply divorce instead of taking the time and effort to resolve their marital problems, thus undermining the institution of marriage.

The ability to obtain a do-it-yourself divorce should be no substitute for obtaining proper legal advice from a qualified professional first. Often the balance of power between the parties is not equal and professional advice will be necessary to achieve a proper and fair settlement.

People using such DIY services can also find themselves having to pay hidden costs and charges, for example for forms and guidance that would be freely available from a court or as part of a solicitor’s service. Or they may have to pay additional fees in the future for aspects that have been overlooked, which were not included in the service, such as the need to obtain a pension sharing order.
A family law solicitor should be consulted for professional and reliable advice regarding divorce and family law matters.

Written by Andrew Hodges

March 16, 2011 at 3:05 pm

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