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Employers turning to mediation

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As some employees become disgruntled in the current economic environment, a large number of employers are looking at mediation to solve grievances, according to a survey by XpertHR.

Almost half of Britain’s employers surveyed have altered their conflict management approach in the last two years, introducing mediation procedures, results showed and 77.6% of employers believe that mediation and other third-party interventions have the potential to reduce the number of tribunal claims, particularly when dealing with relationship breakdowns between colleagues and bullying, harassment or discrimination issue.

“Early and informal methods of conflict resolution, including independent third-party intervention such as mediation, are now a key aim of the Government’s vision for individual dispute resolution,” said Rachel Suff, author of the report.

“Part of the attraction of mediation is that it is potentially quicker and cheaper than formal processes and can help preserve the employment relationship.”

Mediation if a fairly new concept in office conflict resolution, and mangers keen on exercising such ideas should seek legal advice before doing so. By handling employee issues poorly, you may leave yourself open to more expensive claims further down the line.

Written by Andrew Hodges

May 28, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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