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The Hargreaves Review, a major investigation into the UK’s Intellectual Property (IP) regulations, has called on the Government to overhaul the current system and ensure that digital business are not hampered within the UK.

The Review, instigated by Prime Minister David Cameron last November, believes that current legislation contains is out of touch with the constantly evolving technology business and companies can easily fall foul of copyright law.

“We have found that the UK’s IP framework, especially with regard to copyright, is falling behind what is needed,” said author of the report Professor Ian Hargreaves.

“IP law must adapt to change. Digital communications technology involves routine copying of text, images and data, meaning that copyright law has started to act as a regulatory barrier to the creation of certain kinds of new, internet based businesses.”

Prof Hargreaves noted that, with future innovations on the horizon such as mobile payment systems and smart grid technologies, it is vital that this problem is addressed quickly to allow new types of business to grow.

“In copyright, the interests of the UK’s creative industries are of great national importance,” he added. “Digital creative industries exports rank third, behind only advanced engineering and financial and professional services. In order to grow these creative businesses further globally, they need efficient, open and effective digital markets at home, where rights can be speedily licensed and effectively protected.”

According to Prof Hargreaves, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) should conduct an evidence based assessment of the relationship between design rights and innovation, while improving accessibility of the IP system to smaller companies.

“This should involve access to lower cost providers of integrated IP legal and commercial advice,” Hargreaves added. “It should also involve access to lower cost providers of integrated IP legal and commercial advice.”

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Written by Andrew Hodges

June 2, 2011 at 9:48 am

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