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Sub-letting fraud ‘endemic’

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Thousands of tenants up and down the UK risk falling foul of the law if they continue to sub-let spare bedrooms to paying guests.

Data from Experian, which looked at 125,000 properties run by local councils and housing associations, found that more than 157,000 homes were being fraudulently sub-let, while similar data from the Audit Commission estimates that up to 50,000 social housing properties are occupied illegally.

Experian studied tenancy lists, before comparing the registered tenant’s credit activity and which address it was associated with. Researchers then examined credit activity by other adults who were using the council or housing association property as their address.

“Our initial research suggests that the level of social housing tenancy fraud in Britain could be much higher than previously estimated,” said Nick Mothershaw, Experian’s Director of Fraud and Identity Solutions.

“Reducing social housing tenancy fraud will significantly reduce the cost of temporary accommodation.”

Those found guilty of sub-letting such properties could potentially be evicted and their homes given to those looking for temporary accommodation, or to those on council house waiting lists.


Written by Andrew Hodges

September 25, 2011 at 8:59 pm

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