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Ex-partner awarded lottery share

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In a landmark case, a hotel porter has been awarded £85,000 from his ex-wife’s National Lottery win after she used her new found fortune to buy a family home.

By law, the ex-wife’s win was deemed “non-matrimonial property’, but as she used it to buy a house, the property then became “part of her non-matrimonial assets into matrimonial property”, ruled Judge Mr Justice Mostyn.

The couple are said to have separated several years ago, three years after the wife had won the £500,000. She used the prize to buy a London property worth £275,000, now thought to be worth almost £500,000.

The couple, whose identities were not disclosed at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court, were said to have lived in the house for a “relatively short period”, hence why the porter was not entitled to “anything like” an equal share of the property’s value.

“In this case I [had] to consider the treatment to be awarded to a lottery prize of £500,000 in financial remedy proceedings following divorce,” said Mr Justice Mostyn. His ruling is said to be the first time a lottery prize has been involved in a post-divorce settlement in England.

Mr Justice Mostyn added that where a husband or wife was “unilaterally buying tickets from his or her own income”, without the knowledge of their partner, then it was easy to see the prize as a “receipt by that party alone” and therefore as non-matrimonial property, the BBC reported. However, as she bought the property using her prize, it suddenly became matrimonial property.

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Written by Andrew Hodges

October 26, 2011 at 1:29 pm

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