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Solicitor sues colleague over sexual harassment claim

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A married solicitor who is employed by Anglian Water and who was cleared of sexually harassing a female colleague is now suing her for libel claiming that the false allegations have damaged his personal and professional reputation.

Paul Loughran, 50, has been employed by Anglian Water for eight years as a litigation solicitor and is responsible for minimising legal risk to the company. He appointed Kerrie Edge, 29, as a paralegal in March 2009. Miss Edge had previously worked in the customer services department of the company.

In April last year she took time off work and provided a doctor’s note stating that she was suffering from stress. She remained off work until September when she resigned. Mr Loughran claims that Miss Edge took the time off to avoid a performance improvement plan and a misconduct investigation.

Mr Loughran discovered in August that she had made an allegation to the company that she had been sexually harassed by him. The claim was investigated by Anglian Water who went on to clear Mr Loughran.

He is now alleging slander and libel and claiming damages of £1,000.

Mr Loughran told the Daily Telegraph: “I’m not very happy about it, to say the least,”
“You can’t go around saying things like this. Miss Edge is attractive to some people, but not to me, and what she said simply was not true.

“I asked her to stop repeating the allegations and I even wrote to her asking for an apology, but none was forthcoming.”

When asked about the case Miss Edge said: “I have nothing to say about it at the moment. I do not work there anymore.”


Written by Andrew Hodges

April 6, 2012 at 9:46 am

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