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Same-sex marriages pencilled for 2015

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In a boost for equal rights campaigners and the LGBT community, gay couples will finally win the right to marry in the UK, despite opposition from the religious community and some MPs.

Same-sex marriages have been a thorny issue for the government in recent months, with some prominent Conservative MPs denouncing the move towards equality as a “hostile strike” on the traditional view of marriage.

The first gay weddings could take place by 2015 at the latest. But since announcing the move, some Tory right-wingers have given their backing to a new pressure group, Coalition for Marriage, which accused the government of having no mandate for the move.

The Home Office begins a consultation next month on how gay couples can be given the legal right to marry in a civil setting such as a register office, according to the Telegraph.

“This Government is promoting a fair society where people respect each other,” said Lynne Featherstone, the Equalities Minister.

“I believe that if a couple love each other and want to commit to a life together, they should have the option of a civil marriage, irrespective of whether they are gay or straight. We are not changing religious marriage, or requiring religious groups to go against their traditions.”

Margot James, the first openly lesbian Tory MP, has backed the government’s plan, but looked to appease those in the church who are vehemently against it, claiming: “The government isn’t introducing a change that will mean churches have to marry same-sex couples if they did not want to.

“There are many gay people who are committed people of faith. They have a profound need to marry in a more traditional setting than would be provided by a civil partnership.”


Written by Andrew Hodges

April 7, 2012 at 9:52 am

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Mortgage Panels

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Thin end of the wedge and an end to some High Street practices if this is the start of a new trend. People may want to use their local solicitor but will he be able to act for them?

HSBC take the opportunity to make more money and restrict the publics choice. Gazette article refers to the Law Society published letter but I would ask do we need a more concerted approach from government to make sure client choice is not restricted to the very few. Of the large number of law firms in England and Wales the majority are small High Street firms who will rely on conveyancing as a major source of their income. If they are excluded from these panels then they will be barred from this work type and income. Their firms will fail and choice will be severely restricted for members of the public.

Written by Andrew Hodges

January 21, 2012 at 10:48 am